Earn Through Google Adsense – Learn To Earn Money Online

What is Google Adsense Program?

Google places Ads in the content pages of Website or Blogs.  Google.com is a no. 1 advertising agents in the world. Hence, obviously they are getting a lot of Ads from different companies, firms, individuals etc. Google requires places where they can show these ads and earn money. Here comes your roll. If you have a Website or Blog for original content, you can apply to Google for placing ads in your site or blog. If google finds suitable, they will approve your site or blog and start displaying content related targeted ads in your site or blog. Google passes on a substantial amount of their earnings to you on per click basis.The program through which google places content related targeted ads is called Google Adsense Program.

Steps for earning through Google AdSense Program

1. Create a Blog or Website on any topic of your interest starting from alpine to elephant.Just browse our site to have a first hand knowledge. Click here to know how to create a website or click here to know how to create a Blog.

2. Visit others site of similar nature, grab their theme but don’t copy.Observe, how they organize their pages, contents and what information they are offering.

3. Apply to Google for Adsense program. click here to apply.

4. Provide correct details  in the application. Please, do not provide false or fake information. Google note down your IP address and keep record.

5. Wait for 48 hours to approve your site by Google.If your site or blog is as per program policy of Google and have enough original content, your application will be approved. Otherwise, Google will send you a list of short comings found in your site. Rectify the defects and resubmit your application.

6. After approval, Google will send you a confirmation email.Please confirm that one.

7. Now, you have to set up your adsense  code. Click here to set adsense code.Google provide Adsense for content( text, image and both), Adsense for search, Adsence for mobile content, Adsense for Domain etc.

8. Adsense for content is of two types- ad unit and link unit. In ad unit they places text ad, image ad , text & image ad. In link unit they provide text ad only. Follow onscreen instruction to set up link unit as well as  ad unit.Create a channel (URL of your website/web page ) to track your revenue details. Similarly set Adsense for search also

9. Copy the ad code generated in the above process and paste it in to your site using html editor. For placing ad code in your site please refer our site building tutorials..

10. Read carefully Adsense related Blogs in our site.Try to implement the advices given in the blogs.

11. Participate Adsense Forum and utilize the help topics in Google site. Click here to get all the resources provided by Google.

12. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us. We will personally help you.