How to Make Money with Text Link Ads and Clickbank

Text Link Ads and Clickbank are great ways to capitilize on your “web real-estate”

If you have a website and are looking to make money, you have a host of advertising and marketing methods available to you today. In other posts I have covered options such as pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-view (PPV) advertising. Here I will compare two other advertising options that website owners are using to make money every day: Text link ads and Clickbank advertising.

What They Are

Text Link Advertising is a fairly new form of SEO advertising which has evolved out of Google’s emphasis on backlinks and PageRanks. What this means is that in addition to the onpage content and SEO of a website, Google also gives a great deal of importance of offpage factors which indicate that website’s popularity. This is measured in terms of the quantity, quality and relevance of backlinks. This means that to gain good exposure in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), you not only need a good website with deep content but also backlinks from websites that Google regards highly and that are relevant to your keywords.

Online advertising is highly competitive, and it can take a long time and a great deal of effort to generate quality backlinks from relevant and well-regarded websites. This is where text link advertising comes in, aiming to provide new and small businesses a chance to compete in the link building market. An advertiser looking to advertise his website can purchase links for his own website on relevant websites with high PageRanks. These ads are not differentiated from organic links, and thus directly contribute to the advertiser’s own popularity and SEO strategy on Google and other search engines.

Clickbank is a fairly well established means of generating income online. It is the largest affiliate program network offering over 10,000 products and services. As an affiliate, you can choose which products or service you would like to promote on your website, and every time you make a sale for an affiliated product through your website, you receive a large percentage in commission.

Comparison for Advertisers

For advertisers, text link ads and Clickbank advertising accomplish two different purposes. Text link ads bring interested visitors to an advertisers website (from a clickthrough on the links displayed on the publisher’s website), and also build the advertiser’s own organic SERPs. This is a sound long term strategy as organic SEO advertising is the best for of advertising for any product online, and over time, as the popularity of the advertiser’s own page builds up in terms of traffic and repeat visitors, the need for text link ads is decreased and ultimately eliminated.

However, text link ads can also be a challenge for advertisers because as of yet the exact importance and impact of text link ads has not been fully understood. Moreover, text link ads must be targeted  very specifically to find websites with high PageRanks and direct relevance to the product the advertiser is trying to sell. Having said that, it is safe to assume that the importance of offpage SEO such as link popularity is not going to decrease any time soon, so it is worth an advertiser’s money and time to research the text link ad market thoroughly and invest in some high quality backlinks. Especially for small businesses that are just starting out, text link ads provide a sound and easy means of advertising, as it allows you to build on and exploit the popularity of already existing and well-established websites within your own niche.

Clickbank is also a highly effective means for advertisers to sell their products and services online. Interested publishers sign up for your product through Clickbank, and you only have to pay them when a sale is made. However, Clickbanks do hand out large commissions to publishers, and their payment method and overall program are quite complicated. In addition, their website is not very user-friendly, so it is important for an advertiser to carefully research Clickbank’s payout and referral program and find the most profitable niche.

Comparison for Publishers

If you are running a successful website, there is no dearth of ways in which you can make money online by advertising other people’s websites, products and services. If Google and other search engines regard your website highly and you have high search result rankings, you can consider your webpage a prime piece of virtual estate, wherein each part of the website can be sold or leased to the highest bidder.

However, you do not need to have a top 10,000 website to make profits online. Whereas in the past most publishers relied on Google’s AdSense to make them profits, in recent times an increasing number of publishers are turning to affiliate marketing and text link advertising. While popularity and search engine rankings are still crucial to make money with these methods, the profits are much higher than those for AdSense, especially when it comes to smaller well-established websites with loyal readerships.

If you are looking to sell text link ads for your website, keep in mind that the price an advertiser will pay for a link on your pages will depend on your existing popularity, Google PageRank and the relevance of your website to the advertiser’s product. Text link ads are a simple, non-obtrusive and hassle-free of making regular income online, but remember that the backlinks to your own site must always be more than your outgoing links. Since Google does not support link selling, it is in your best interest to strategize and carefully consider the products you want to sell text-link-ads for and the ways in which you want to advertise them.

Clickbank is also a great income generator of publishers, because the commissions are high and there is a huge reserve of offers and services to choose from. However, Clickbank advertising takes much more work at the publisher’s end, as you must effectively market the product you are trying to sell. Unlike in the case of text link ads, your income depends on generating sales and referrals, so the onus of selling the product falls on you. It is also important to thoroughly understand and research Clickbank’s structure, so that you can use it to your maximum advantage.


Neither Text Link Ads nor Clickbank marketing should be seen as “get rich quick” schemes, as they both require careful research and thorough understanding of how online advertising works and where the money lies, for an advertiser and for a publisher. As an advertiser you must conduct market research and find the right keywords  and websites to advertise your product. If you are a publisher, you need to create a popular and well-established website before you can really hope to make money with text link ads. An overall understanding of SEO is essential not only to optimize your website, but to keep its principles in mind whether you are selling text links or choosing products to sell. Either way, you must carefully consider your options and choose the one which fits your skills and website best.