Is traffic worth paying for?SEO/PPC

What are the benefits and downfalls of handing out cash for web traffic? Is it worth your while, or is it a waste of money? There are varying opinions about this and how worthwhile your hard earned cash is for some traffic to your site. This isn’t the same idea of a pay per click program, this is literally buying the service of another company generating you or giving you traffic.

This is definitely something to think about if you’re at this level of internet marketing where you’d consider the possibility of spending the money. If you have that kind of cash to put into it, then you should definitely see what kind of information you can dig up. What’s important to thin of is about the actual traffic you might be paying for. There are different opinions about traffic in general. Think of it like the old saying, “any publicity is good publicity.” It’s the same idea, but the meaning is a little bit different. The quote might work for publicity, but if you relegate it to “traffic” then it doesn’t quite work the same. You really want your traffic to be targeted and interested in what you’re offering. If you’re just getting a pile of traffic that have zero interest in what you’re marketing to begin with, then you’re probably not going to convert very many sales.
The only traffic that you can really expect to convert to sales is going to be traffic that came to you with a desire to see what’s going on. They want more information and knowledge about the realm of things you’re offering. That’s the problem with paying a service provider for their traffic. You really have no idea of where this traffic is coming from and why. The numbers might be there, but it can be so inconsistent that you really aren’t going to benefit from the numbers. That’s not to say that the traffic you do get is going to be bad. What I’m saying is that you won’t have much say in the matter, or really any idea. If you’re in the mindset that traffic is just traffic and it doesn’t really matter, then consider it worth your while. It might even depend on your product. If you’re marketing a mainstream, commodity-type product then appeals to the masses, then the traffic could be beneficial.

If you have the available cash to pay for a traffic provider and it’s not going to put a serious dent in your numbers, then you might want to consider taking the chance. Start out with a smaller package and do a little experimenting to see what happens. Talk with your peers and counterparts in the internet marketing world and see what you can learn from them about who is reputable and if there is anybody that can provide some solid stats about the traffic they provide. See what’s worked for people and what hasn’t. Don’t be surprised if the traffic you do end up paying for doesn’t give you back a good return. You might be better off sticking to your guns and increasing the efforts of what’s already been working for you