Making money with Adsense was easier than I thought?

AdSense is a strange beast. For some people it is the best thing to happen to internet advertising, earning them upwards of $1000 every day, while for others it represents a continuous disappointment and struggle to make even a few dollars a month. By now AdSense has become so debated that many bloggers have formed the opinion that you simply can’t make money with AdSense.

I’m one of those who believe in AdSense, for the simple reason that it has been profitable for me. And I am here to share my experience with you, presented in the form of some easy to apply tips. I hope you find them as helpful as I do.

Make Sense of AdSense

No, you can’t make money with AdSense if you simply put up a webpage, stick some ads on it and expect to rake in profits. Internet marketing is a game of cutthroat competition, and with new changes in search engine optimization strategies and Google’s constant endeavors to refine their payout system, bad content and poor targeting simply don’t cut it anymore. If you want to exploit the features of AdSense to your full advantage, you need to know how it works. This knowledge will help you every step of the way, from setting up your webpage to choosing how and where to use them.

AdSense is Google’s advertising application, wherein website owners can enroll to display text, image and video advertisements on their webpages. AdSense is lucrative for advertisers because Google’s search spiders are able to easily index the content on a page, pick its keywords and display targeted ads to viewers. For an advertiser, targeting is everything, and Google is always trying to improve Adwords (the program in which advertisers enroll) to make it more targeted.

So when you enroll with AdSense, you are provided a piece of code which you can display on your webpages. You can customize this code’s appearance, and every time your page is viewed, Google generates advertisements which are relevant to the content on your page and the location of your visitors. AdSense is an attractive proposition for website owners because its ads are non-obtrusive for the visitor, and the keyword and location targeting can maximize the chances of a clickthrough.

So every time a visitor clicks on one of the ads on your page and visits the website of your advertiser, you get a little bit of revenue. Sounds simple, but this is where it starts to get tricky. The revenue from each clickthrough will depend on your keywords, the number of clickthroughs you get and the location of your clicking visitors. This is why it is important to research keywords carefully, and this brings us to the next step.

Choose profitable keywords

Some keywords are worth $50 a click, others can be worth as little as 2 cents. General data on profitable keywords is available online, but remember that profitable keywords are extremely competitive and there is no guarantee that a clickthrough for a high-paying keyword will pay you as much as it does someone else. As I said before, clickthrough revenue depends on a host of factors, and Google does not divulge much information about their payout formula or ratio, so it is not advisable to just pick a random keyword and run with it.

Your best bet in choosing a keyword is to pick the kind of keywords that users are liable to click on in search for a product. If your keyword is based on the kinds of products or services that people search online looking to buy, then your chances of getting a clickthrough are much higher.

Create high-quality content for your keywords

This is the part that many ad publishers overlook in the rush to make money, thus making a huge mistake. Yes, you may still see a lot of sites up on the web which contain nothing but ad links, with a few pieces of bad content thrown in. Such websites are based on the assumption that when people come to the page and find no real content, they will be forced to click on the ads. And while this method may have worked for a while, it is on its way out. Google is aggressively tracking and devaluing sites that are not built on the solid foundation of good content, for the simple reason that such sites don’t keep advertisers happy – they only get clicks, not sales. Furthermore they don’t create repeat visitors, thus significantly undermining the clickthrough, and ultimately the point of the advert.

Good content is also one of the most important factors in creating the situation which will actually make money: building a high traffic website.

Basically, if you want to make money with AdSense, and I mean money as a reliable and ongoing stream of revenue, then you need to build a popular website. This is the bottom-line in making money with AdSense; otherwise it simply does not happen.

This is the reason why so many small-time websites and AdSense publishers hoping to get rich in their first month are disappointed with AdSense: making money with AdSense requires you to first create a website that is already pulling in a significant amount of traffic.

Optimize your website

The need for traffic brings us to the fourth step in making money from AdSense. To create a website that people will come to, you need not only great content for profitable keywords, but also optimum search-friendliness. Google, Yahoo and other search engines should be able to find your website and value it as highly rated. SEO is as important as content, and great care should be taken to make sure that your site is easily indexed, keyword optimized and supported by quality backlinks.


To make big money with AdSense, you need to first create a popular website with optimized content created around profitable keywords. The ideal way to go may be to create the website first, build traffic, and only then start putting the ads. However, if you already have a website, the above steps are still valid and essential for making a sizeable profit from AdSense. So the bad news is that AdSense is not a get rich quick scheme. If you do have a high traffic blog or website, AdSense can be an endless source of revenue.