Rethinking Facebook | Earn Money Online

These days just about everybody that uses the internet is using Facebook and the numbers are growing on a daily basis. It’s a fairly intimate way to be connected to your friends and thousands of other people, businesses, groups and organizations around the entire world. People are more connected to each other then ever and the numbers of people that can be reached with your marketing efforts are endless. What’s so great about Facebook is that it does not cost you anything at all to join, to add friends, groups or organizations. The way the stats break down as far as usage really illustrates how much Facebook has infiltrated our daily lives. Facebook is exploding and has become a household name and stigma. It is easily one of the top three social networks and depending on what you use, you might consider it the best, or most important. Nielsen Media released an online report this year that says the average Facebook user spends about three hours on the site every month.

Recently Facebook launched a new look and new style and they’ve arranged things a little differently. Before that, they were recently in the news for some privacy issues but that was quickly resolved and the CEOs at Facebook listened to the people and fixed the issues people were having. Along with the new look and style they’ve recently launched on Facebook there are also some new features that may have flown under the radar a little bit. There’s a very nice tool that could really help out your marketing efforts called Facebook pages. The pages aspect basically works in the same way as your profile, which is now a page as well, but these Facebook pages are controlled by an administrator and are somewhat similar to the groups features. You promote your concept, service, idea, business and you will then acquire fans and advocates who will then be your own affiliate marketers, messengers and representatives what it is that you’re pushing.

What is so nice and exciting about the features on Facebook is that they are generally untapped and uncharted. Best of all you’re not investing any money, or very little money if you decide to hire somebody to maintain your page for you or create graphics. In reality, if you have the initiative and time to take care of things yourself, then this social networking site, along with others, can be utilized at a very low cost to you, to earn you an income. Facebook is an excellent way to express yourself and the features and benefits of your products or services and by doing that, you then allow people to create feedback and as the positive feedback rolls in, that’s free advertising and marketing. As word spreads, so do sales, so does your income, and so does your happiness.

The way to create these pages is pretty straightforward. There is an advertising link at the bottom of your Facebook profile and once you head there, you’ll see that there are other options. There is a link there to create a page which should be pretty self explanatory, but what is really nice is that you’re unlimited as to how many pages you can create. There are several options for creating your page and different categories to enter your product or service into. It really goes on and on and it is pretty self explanatory as to where your particular product or marketing efforts will fit. There is one aspect of this process that people struggle with a little bit and that’s when it comes down to choosing a name for what you’re marketing. Whichever you choose be very aware that it will always be there. So, what I’m telling you is, use some common sense and spend a little time considering what you’re about to call something. The name of your brand, if it doesn’t already exist, is pretty important so be aware that it will be the first thing people see on Facebook as they look around and come across your product. Your only option is to create another page. You cannot delete it.

Of course, like anything on the internet in regards to marketing efforts and affiliate marketing, it’s important to stay on top of things and to keep your content updated. Your Facebook page will have SEO advantages and this page will be a technique for you to marketing your products all over the major search engines. This will need a unique brand, business, service or whatever it is, to be the most effective. There are some other options that will allow you to create ads and can be pretty versatile if you have a low budget. There is the Facebook Marketplace Ad, cost per click options, pay per click and cost per impressions options and even new features where you earn advertising credits. The tools that are at your disposal for marketing on Facebook are highly intuitive and very easy to figure out.

It is important to be as active as possible on Facebook to be effective. Well, you can always be too active and too pushy which will definitely begin to hurt you in the long run, so it’s important to find a medium to high level of activity. Taking advantage of what Facebook offers is really going to help. Sending gifts and invites to things and just staying on top of it all is really going to keep people interested and keep your product and service in the ethos of Facebook. It will be important to tag pictures that boost your brand in a marketing aspect. If you can participate in as many different events as possible, somehow incorporate your product or service into it, then you are really going to spread the word about what you’re trying to sell.

With Facebook, you do not have to be an expert when it comes to marketing. You do not need a college degree in marketing or to know all the ins and outs of technology and what’s happening in the marketing world. You just need to be creative and to think on a different level. These social networking sites are an awesome way to tap into markets that might be out of reach for you in other regards. They are so cheap to maintain and can even be entertaining if you put a little fun into it. Figure out new ways to utilize these free tools that are there to be used and you’ll start generating income just by sitting on your laptop and thinking creatively.